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Iran &Corea
28 July 2007

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Iran and china
16 July 2007

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23 June 2007

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malasia in one glance
20 June 2007

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11 June 2007

Recent Comments

Ehsan on Creative mind.
همیشه میگفتن انسان کامل همه خصوصیات خدا را داره به غیر از اینکه ...

farzaneh on Summer in Quebec

Maryami on Creative mind.
It's located in Old port montreal.

Helys on Creative mind.
Great find So beautiful Great colors, textures, PoV Where is it located?

ماهور on Dad
چه انرژی مثبت میدن دد.زنده باشن.

ماهور on Villa Maria School park in fall
البته این جا قشنگه ولی یه جاهایی رو سراغ دارم تو اصفهان از این جا ...

ماهور on A rainy day in the office-Cyberjaya
این عکس هم حرف نداشت.چتر چارخونه...

ماهور on New year is just behind the corner
واااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااای چه قشنگه. اون مبله رو دست ...

آقای نیمه شب on Detroit Metro Airport
سازه های فضایی.

L'Angevine on Cleaning Aquarium Fish Tank - Seattle Aquarium
voici l'homme requin....

L'Angevine on DownTown Seattle
bien cadré

omid on East to West

Soheil on I can't stop taking photos of snow
nice shot well done

zoghalakhte on Villa Marria School park

Maryami on A rainy day in the office-Cyberjaya
That's my favorite photo:) It remind me how lively and colorful was the company that i used to work.

Katalog Stron on When life gets better
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Garfield on Beautiful fall in Montreal
a sea of fall colors!

Garfield on Maple tree leaf
A, just lovely

Soheil on Maple tree leaf
nice photo excellent

Soheil on Fall in Montreal
nice photo well done

maryam on SNOW
salam.webloge ghashangi dari.neveshtehat shirino samimie.khosh b halet k khahar hichkio nadaram.

Curly on Singapore
Cor blimey, this is bright!

Maryami on Des jardins-Home
@jeanclaude: yes it is:)

Maryami on Itihad Airline
@raskolniikov : It was about 8h to Abudhabi an 14h to Montreal.

Maryami on Big surprise
To Asal: I am sure it's not Egypt. I have seen this view of Old part of Yazd many times and every time saw it i ...

raskolniikov on Itihad Airline
how long was the flight?

jeanclaude on Des jardins-Home
superb shot may be from montreal

داستانک on Indonasian People
در این تصویر همه از یه نژاد هستن اما علامتهایی که با دست نشون می ...

hajar on malasia in one glance
i wish tehran wasnt as much air polluted. then it would has been beautifull

داستانک on UM international night
به روزش کن اینجا رو!

yolan on UM international night
سلام ماهیت این سایت چیه جالبه ولی زیاد من متوجه نشدم ببخشید در ...

Asal on Big surprise
it might be egypt!

sanaz on Putrajaya
واقعا" زيباست . آفرين . اي كاش براي عكسهايتان توضيحاتي مي نوشتيد ...

sanaz on Iran &Corea
زيبا زيبا زيبايي اي ايران ميهن خوب مايي اي ايران سلامت باشيد ...

sanaz on Iran &Corea
زيبا زيبا زيبايي اي ايران ميهن خوب مايي اي ايران سلامت باشيد ...

Mahyar on UM international night
nice, well done!

Rasso on UM international night

داستانک on Big surprise
وای خدای من!! دلت واسه یزد تنگ شده! آخی.. می فهمم حالت رو بیا یزد دلت ...

داستانک on UM international night
وای خدای من من کورم اینجا رو ندیده بودم!!

seyed mostafa on UM international night
سلام. بسيار خوبه. حالا كه اونجا هستين، اگه از اين عكسها تهيه كنيد ...

Soodabeh on UM international night
وای مریم جون!!! دوربین جدید خریدی؟؟ چه عکس خوبی شده. اتحاد بین ...

Mehrzad on Iran and china
i call them REAL fans...

Mehrzad on football competition
a big misfortune... :((

Soodabeh on football competition
Oh! Our country's flag is shaking in Malaysia happily! What a nice moment you captured dear Maryam!

seyed on Iran and china
نظرتون بابت تصوير پام رو كه در وبلاگ دوستتون نوشته بوديد ، ديدم. ...

Farshid on Iran and china
wow nice shotttttt...kash manam onja bodam :Dkhosh behalet, bazam az in mosabeghat aks bezar, khoshal mishim ;) thanks

seyed on Iran and china
salam. khobid eishala ? bad az modatha sari be weblogeton zadam v einja ro didam ,, besiyar ali bod . man ham moshtagh ...

Soodabeh on Iran and china
Haha! His hearth is in his back!!! Nude photos??? Maryam!!!!

Soodabeh on birthday
Happy birthday to you dear maryam! Wish you best and next year's birthday to be celebrate in Iran!

Mohamadreza on langkawi
Nice shot. Thanks for leaving me a comment too. Yeah, I'm sure I'll miss them all.

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